We sandblast with different materials to give different finishes as customer need.

The maximum protection of your equipment is achieved with the best surface preparation. We have the knowledge, staff and equipment to ensure the adequate anchorage and cleaning in your equipment to be coated.

Quality finishing. Main sandblast services in: structures, tanks, pipes and floors.

Experience in sandblasting trailer´s bodywork and Hoppers.

Different materials to give different finishes:

  • Silica Sand
  • Copper slag(Black Beauty)
  • Metal Shot
  • And more ( ask wich is best suited to your requirement)

If you’re first moving into this topic, the sandblast is a high pressure launching system of abrasives to remove all loose material or contaminant. They can be different materials such as sand or slag of metal and is also used to keep the surface of any solid material to a specific finish.

We have the best service on SandBlasting and Coatings

Our working standards make us go further to meet your requirements on costs and delivery times.


Suitable coating makes your investment more productive for much longer.

Come to us and find the coat that suits the needs of your company or business.

If you’re first moving into this topic, the coatings are materials that are deposited on the surface of an object commonly called substrate to achieve different purposes such as mechanical strength, chemical resistance, maintenance, hygiene and cleanliness among many others. Normally used to improve the characteristics of the substrate.

Main coatings services: structures, tanks, pipes and floors.
We have extensive experience in internal coatings for refined pruduct pipes.

We are reliable applicators of the best brands on the market

  • Napko
  • Sherwin Williams
  • International Part de grupo AkzoNobel
  • Recubrimientos norma CFE y PEMEX

We are specialized applicators of Ceilcote

  • We are express labor experts, in Payro we know that time is money.
  • Interior pipe coatings for refined products transportation.
  • Exterior pipe paints, hoppers, lowboy and flat among others.