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Take your product to fruition in the hands of certified welders.

In Payro we work with the highest standards of quality and accuracy, meeting the highest demands of our customers. Payro have a specialization formed through the years that you will not find elsewhere.Main works at: Structures, tanks, vats, silos, pipelines, service structures (ladders, scaffolding) and works under design.


  • Microwire: Mig, Tig.
  • Direct arc
  • Special welding.

In Payro We have the staff and specialized machinery for tracing, cutting and shaping a product on time and with high precision. In Payro we use LEAN mentality.

If you’re first moving into this topic, the Pailer traces, cuts and forms plates, profiles and tubes for metal constructions.

  • High precision work
  • Highly demanding jobs in time
  • Cuts with: Flame, electric hacksaw, plasma.

The preparation, machining and welding is what will provide strength to your design.

n Payro we ensure that all “Reconcile”. We are experts in the field and have certified staff that will take your product to excellence.